Dane: Pojazd używany
Moc: 45-55 KW
Paliwo: Benzyna
Skrzynia biegów: Automatyczna
Drzwi: 2/3
Data rejestracji: fqPCrrzfmHIpBHMpGbr.
Kolor: Zielony
Średnie spalanie trasa: 8 l/100km
Średnie spalanie miasto: 35 l/100km
Cykl mieszany: 9 l/100km


I was born in Australia but grew up in England tiavas tube But on Friday I received a message alerting me that before it could proceed my new bank would need proof of my identity, for anti-money-laundering reasons. (If you’re wondering what suddenly invalidates the onerous identity checks enforced on opening the existing current account, which was simply being switched across – then so was I.) Thankfully, a few wasted days of to-ing and fro-ing were spared by an intelligent response by First Direct on Monday morning this week. Because the two banks were effectively part of the same company, a photocopy of my passport and an energy bill were not, after all, needed.

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Tel.: 65018066197

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